Internet site for Bulgarian and Balkan folklore

The internet site for Bulgarian and Balkan folklore was created in 1997 and its target is to make popular the traditions and the music and dance folklore of Balkan countries.

It includes the following divisions:
- Download The Download category includes folklore songs and instrumental melodies performed by different folklore singers and musicians. This is the richest collection of mp3 instrumental music for Bulgarian traditional dances from all parts of the country. This is the spot to download music for free. Please write us in case you would like to add your performances here.

- Catalogue (presentations of more than 200 artists, groups, festivals and organisations connected with folklore art).

- News (news about concerts, performances, festivals, fairs and organisations connected with folklore art).
Latest Balkanfolk News:
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- Shop (on-line store) (online shop for folklore and orthodox music compact discs, traditional costumes, books, souvenirs, icons, musical instruments, etc.)

- Calendar (calendar of the seminars, concerts, festivals, fairs and others worldwide)

- Top 8 Chart (a monthly rating for folklore music, providing prizes to some of the participants)

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